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niko calendar: Agile team’s moods

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New-Item -ItemType Directory -Force -Path C:\red;(New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile('https://static.red-lang.org/dl/win/red-063.exe','c:\red\red.exe');Start-Process -Filepath 'c:\red\red.exe'            


Type in red console any of these commands:

            do read http://miniapps.red/niko.red
            do read http://miniapps.red/niko           

A sample data file will be downloaded in db\niko\niko.data.red as reminded in console:



You can then record your own data, close the app and retype again:

do read http://miniapps.red/niko

(Optional) Change icons and day columns

You can optionally change icons and day columns in config\niko\niko.config.red:


Source Code


Red [
    Title: "niko calendar"
    History: [ {Initial version} {BEFORE day-columns} {day-columns}
    References: [

if not exists? config-file: %config/niko/niko.config.red [
    make-dir/deep %config/niko
    write config-file read http://miniapps.red/config/niko/niko.config.red
do read config-file

img-happy: load-thru happy
img-angry: load-thru angry
img-neutral: load-thru neutral

; not normally used except for developer quick experimentation
if not exists? data.config-file: %config/niko/niko-calendar.data.config.red [
    make-dir/deep %config/niko
    write data.config-file read http://miniapps.red/config/niko/niko-calendar.data.config.red
do read data.config-file

if not exists? niko-data-file: %db/niko/niko.data.red [
    make-dir/deep %db/niko
    write niko-data-file read http://miniapps.red/db/niko/niko.data.red

if not value? 'Sprint [
    data: load niko-data-file
    Sprint: select data 'Sprint
    oData: make object! data
    team-members: remove words-of oData ; remove first word (Sprint)
    team-records: remove values-of oData ; remove first value (Sprint value)

    niko-calendar: copy []
    forall team-members [
        i: index? team-members
        append niko-calendar compose/deep [
            Member (to-string team-members/1)

;label-size: make pair! compose [(icon-size/1 * 4) (icon-size/2)]

win: copy [
    title "niko calendar: Agile team's moods"
    backdrop gray
    style Sprint: image (label-size) font-name "arial" font-size 12 (label-align-with-icon)
    style Day: image (icon-size) font-name "arial" font-size 12 (label-align-with-icon)
    style Member: image (label-size) font-name "arial" font-size 12 (label-align-with-icon)  
    style Mood: image (icon-size)
    style Happy: Mood (img-happy)
    style Angry: Mood (img-angry)
    style Neutral: Mood (img-neutral)  

    Sprint (rejoin ["Sprint " Sprint])
    ; configured in niko.config:
    ; Mon: Day "Mon"
    ; Tue: Day "Tue"
    ; Wed: Day "Wed"
    ; Thur: Day "Wed"
    ; Thur: Day "Fri"
    ; Mon: Day "Mon"
    ; Tue: Day "Tue"  
    ; Wed: Day "Wed"
    ; Thur: Day "Wed"
    ; Fri: Day "Fri"
    ; return             

forall day-columns [
    append win compose/deep [
        (to-set-word day-columns/1) Day (to-string day-columns/1)
append win 'return

append win niko-calendar

print rejoin [
    "You can set the data in " 
    to-local-file clean-path niko-data-file
    "You can customize the day columns and mood icons in " 
    to-local-file clean-path config-file

.niko-app: function[][
    view/tight layout compose/deep win

niko: :.niko-app
niko-calendar: :.niko-app
agile-mood: :.niko-app